See what clients are saying:

"Melanie is literally the best! I'm down 50 pounds and training for my first marathon.

She has helped me get my life back on track for the better. Her service is priceless for your health and well-being. Thanks so much, Melanie, for your help!" --Hunter

"As a middle-aged woman, I had tried everything out there to lose the dreaded hormonal weight I had gained.

With Melanie's help, I'm already down 10 pounds. Better yet, my body shape has changed, and I fit into clothes I haven't worn in years!"--Kim

"After my first individual session with Melanie, I made it to yoga the next morning (I hate mornings) and I put celery in my smoothie AND had lentils for lunch (baby steps on some nutrients I might be missing).

Excited to keep the new energy flowing. Positive lifestyle shift in progress here!"--Nicole

"Melanie's program is amazing and so helpful. Loved the Grocery Store Field Trip! It was fun and educational. I came away with so many time-saving ideas and ways to quickly prepare healthy meals. Now I know which aisles to stay away from and which way to point my cart!"--Jess


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